CRC Milwaukee Welcome Party to feature “The LOVEMONKEYS”, first stop on their Grammy Tour

If the only ASHRAE event you attend is your local golf outing, we don’t get it. There’s an alternative for you this year.

If you saw the athleticism of your Wisconsin CRC Leadership team, you’d see why we generally don’t attend the golf outing for the golf.

It’s not true about the Grammys. (Sorry Monkeys.) But these dudes are for real. I went to high school with Jason K, the drummer. He’s the hard-core lookin’ feller on the right. The rest of ‘em look nice enough. But Jason… We gotta talk.

LoveMonkeys (noun)
PRONOUNCED: [luhv muhng-kees]

  1. Native Milwaukee band known best for entertaining the heck out of their audiences;
  2. Crazy group of guys who play instruments, jump around on a stage, and have a curious fondness for animals of the primate variety;
  3. John (lead vocals), Andy (lead guitar/vocals), Nick (bass/vocals), Jason (drums), Daryl (guitar/vocals), and Carlos (percussion); and renowned Wisconsin Session Man pianist Elias Holman;
  4. Performers of rock, pop, reggae, country, and original music – can be found frequenting local festivals, bars, and women’s locker rooms;
  5. A legendary live performance like you’ve never experienced!

USED IN A SENTENCE: “The LoveMonkeys rocked my world at the festival last night”
SYNONYMS: Entertaining, charismatic, fun, and energetic

The welcome party is there for us super-nerds and the super not-nerds alike. Come on over, squeeze hands with some sponsors, toss back a cocktail, dine, mingle, and figure out how to steal your competitor’s best employees.

See you there (FYI, The Harley Davidson Museum on May 2nd at 6:00 p.m.)!

Be there or Be square; you can register now for this event ONLY or the full show.

The Wisconsin Chapter CRC Team

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May 2-4, 2019 • Milwaukee, WI

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